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Selamat datang di Solobatikart.com sebagai pusat penjualan batik tulis tradisional asli solo dan juga souvenir batik aneka batik. kami specialist di Batik tradisional dan souvenir batik Solo Indonesia

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21 June , 2013 , kategori : Blog

many choice in online, if you are looking for batik paintings for sale. The first you have to understand and be careullfy to chose the real batik handmade. Batik painting is one of kind batik that has expansive price, because it was made in long time or several month

20 June , 2013 , kategori : Blog

Though batik can be manufactured in other areas around the globe, Australia can be viewed as the non secular residence and where the skill form has been created to the greatest level of class. Batik material is most likely Indonesia’s most popular artistic along with ethnic heritage including batik

5 March , 2013 , kategori : Blog

Batik as national pride and heritage of the world side by side with other products in the world’s top networking mall, Isetan Department Store, in the business district is very prestigious Japan, Shizuoka. All eyes mall visitors can enjoy traditional Indonesian hand the beauty of art that is also

13 December , 2012 , kategori : Blog

As we know there are 3 types of batik, the batik painting, batik capĀ  and batik printing or screen printing. This time I am going to share with you how to make batik. This article can serve as a reference for those of you who just want to know

13 December , 2012 , kategori : Blog

On the island of Sumatra, Bengkulu Perhaps, Jambi and Palembang first centers have their own batik, batik given a very distinctive style. Yet it is no secret that the batik in all three regions, many coming from Java, especially from coastal daaerah cirebon and Lasem and Yogyakarta.The birth of

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